When was the last time you spoke to your customers?

When was the last time you spoke to your customer? Amazon is the number one company in the world because of their obsession towards their customers need and is the core of their values. 

Hello everyone, I am Sandeep Purwar, the founder and CEO of Bevov. Today, I will go over my experience building a customer-centric company.

Understanding customer needs should be the number one priority of your company. Companies that take the time to understand their customers needs are more successful than companies that don’t. 

Talking to our customers helped us come up with our product roadmap and to build tools that they needed. If you are a small or mid sized company, you can save time, effort, and money by understanding the best practices for your business by talking to your external and internal customers. Your external customer is someone that pays you to use your services and your internal customers are your team and employees. 

Figure out a feedback loop to learn their needs, shortlist the top ones which are most effective.

Implement the solution and get feedback from your customers to check if it has solved their need. 

Customers are our north star, what is your north star? Please comment your thoughts and to learn more about how we solve recruiting challenges, visit Bevov.com