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Welcome to the Bevov Blog, your one-stop destination for all news about Bevov. Bevov is a new all-in-one AI recruiting platform that picks the Top 5 most qualified candidates out of hundreds of resumes.

Using next generation AI software technology, Bevov is able to cut time spent on tedious hiring tasks (like screening resumes, shortlisting candidates, and scheduling interviews) by 70%. With Bevov, recruiters get their valuable time and energy back to focus on engaging with the right candidates. Here on the Bevov Blog, we’ll share the best tips and practices of recruiting, ones that will help you hire with more speed and efficiency. As we continue to grow and build the Bevov platform, we’ll also highlight new product features, share helpful career advice, and post relevant company news. Check back for more blog posts each week!

We also want to hear from you! Let us know what topics about recruiting you’re interested in and what challenges you face. So please leave any comments or questions below this blog post. We always listen to our customers. Your feedback matters and helps us improve Bevov.

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