Top 5 Ways Bevov Helps You Recruit Quality Candidates Faster

Recruiting is a huge investment. Sourcing jobs on various sites, screening quality applicants, sifting through resumes, completing the interview process — it involves a lot of time, money and energy! Here are five ways Bevov can improve the efficiency of your recruiting process, saving you countless hours and dollars.

1. Build a strong company brand

A compelling career page on your website matters! Quality candidates research companies before applying. At Bevov, we provide a template to set you up for success. As part of our free integration, we can help you redesign your career page in order to help you establish a strong company brand. Having an engaging career page is one of the best ways to draw top applicants effortlessly. Showing off the company culture and giving a glimpse of the kind of environment your team operates in can be the difference maker in someone’s decision whether or not to apply for your company. Take a look at companies like Google and Facebook, and how they present themselves and their openings. Making that extra effort to build a strong company brand is a critical step — so develop that company career page before posting jobs on your website.

2. Source jobs more effectively

Bevov is not a one trick pony — it not only reviews resumes, but also distributes your jobs on various channels. Job aggregators (Google Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor), social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub), referrals, internal database, and the company website, Bevov covers it all! Most applicants look at seven or more sources when applying making it important to ensure distribution of jobs to in the right places. Quality candidates come from all sorts of channels!

While distributing your job posting to so many unique sites sounds chaotic, Bevov handles all the work for you — in one step. Our integration works seamlessly. Post your jobs from Bevov’s platform to your company career page and rest is streamlined for you. The platform distributes your posting across various sources to ensure that you receive the best applicants from all over in a third of the time.

3. Use custom assessment tests to speed up the interview process

Custom assessment tests are an overlooked, but critical part of hiring quality candidates. With Bevov, you can create a quick test of your own. By including technical, behavioral, or other questions, it becomes a lot easier to get a feel for their experience before interviewing them. It is also a great way to screen and qualify candidates, narrowing down your applicant list with minimal effort. When Bevov screens candidates, it determines which candidates passed and failed the test before moving on to scanning resumes, so it assures it can only shortlist from candidates who meet the necessary skills and criteria. Bevov’s custom assessment tests save 25 hours of pre-screening time.

4. Top 5 Candidates

Bevov’s AI picks the Top 5 resumes amongst hundreds of submitted resumes. Bevov uses machine learning algorithms, knowledge graphs, and natural language processing to determine the best candidates so that recruiters can immediately reach out to those whose skills match the needs of the position. You can even rediscover talent from previously submitted resumes via Bevov’s talent discovery feature. You still have complete access to every applicant that has applied and the ability to look at each individual resume. However, with Bevov’s AI-selected Top 5 resumes, you save numerous hours since you are only screening five resumes at a time instead of hundreds.

5. A strong ATS matters

An ATS is among the most critical components for managing your time and applicant profiles well. Bevov’s ATS helps manages candidate profiles, schedule video interviews, and track candidate progress so you can decide if and when you’ll be making an offer. Our Applicant Relationship Manager feature makes it easy to directly email and engage with applicants. At every step of the hiring phase, you must engage with your most qualified candidates. One of the biggest frustrations faced by candidates is lack of communication with the recruiter or hiring professionals in the middle of the process. It’s important you engage with them quickly or you’ll risk losing them to another company if your hiring steps take too long, and using a strong can ensure that you stay organized in this process.

Thanks for reading. Now try Bevov to notice a big difference in your recruiting time and productivity.