Top 5 Techniques Recruiters Need For Sourcing Optimal Candidates

Resume Sourcing: Top 5 Techniques to Ensure Higher Quality Candidates

More often than not recruiters point to the issue of not being able to ensure the highest quality of candidates from the initial phase of sourcing candidate’s resumes. Bevov is designed by recruiters, for recruiters, and is here with solutions for these various issues. Sourcing, screening, and selecting your Top 5 candidates can be streamlined and automated with Bevov’s AI recruiting software. Through the utilization of Bevov’s platform, every step of the recruitment process is efficiently managed. 

Check out these techniques recruiters should follow to get an edge on sourcing the highest quality of candidates:

1. Avoid narrow vision: 

According to Glassdoor, 51% of job seekers say their preferred source for finding a job opportunity is an online job board site, such as Indeed. Furthermore, 53% would use the same sites to look for information about a company they are interested in working for. Prospective employees will visit countless job board sites on a given day. To avoid being overwhelmed, recruiters often limit themselves to sourcing resumes from just a few avenues. While this process is simpler, the narrow approach, however, constricts the quantity and quality of candidates your business could potentially receive. You may end up missing thousands of quality candidates who could be found on sites you didn’t utilize. The reality is that you want to source through as many sites as possible because certain sites may produce better candidates than others. Bevov allows you to source from all of these job board sites, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, all at once.

2. Use your internal referral network and database: 

It is also necessary to explore multiple avenues outside of the company. It is important to always look inwards. From either your internal resume databases or your existing applicant tracking system can be valuable sources of resumes. Because they contain the resumes of prior applicants, these sources are more likely to present, according to Sourcecon, “more local and more qualified candidates than the Internet”. These talented individuals, who may not have possessed the necessary skills for the job they applied for, could be a perfect fit for future opportunities. Sourcing via existing networks is yet another optimal way to get high-quality candidates quickly.

3. Create an engaging career page: 

When we think of the process of finding a job, we tend to think of websites like Indeed, Monster, or LinkedIn. However, according to Glassdoor, 35% of job seekers look to a company’s career site to find open positions. For this reason, it is vital for any business to provide an engaging career page for prospective employees.

Quality job seekers tend to do a lot of research about the companies they are interested in working for. Your career page is your first impression and your best chance to establish your company brand. When a company fails to attract quality hires, their company website design and career page could be to blame. If your company’s career page fails to capture your brand and engage prospective employees, then you will not receive many applications from quality job seekers. 

4. Improve your job postings: 

Never underestimate the value of an engaging job post. It is a fundamental aspect of a prospective employee’s decision to apply to work for your company. Often times job posts lack critical information or simply fail to motivate candidates to apply. The key is to make sure to include enough information about the company and the position. Things like basic company information, your mission statement, and details on compensation are all critical elements of a successful job post. Connect your job post to your company website’s career page to increase candidate engagement too. 

5. Leverage social media: 

        Social media provides yet another opportunity to discover new talent. According to Glassdoor, 32% of job seekers use social media to find job listings, and the number of candidates applying through social media, especially through mobile, is rapidly growing. Improving sourcing through this channel has become a critical aspect of the recruitment process.

        And we’re not just talking about LinkedIn. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees care about three things: “career, community, and cause.” Utilizing social media will help illustrate how your company is active in each of these categories. Social media users tend to follow their favorite companies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Establishing a strong presence on these platforms will not only improve public perception of your company but it will also attract a larger pool of quality applicants.

We hope these 5 resume sourcing techniques will help your business find the highest quality candidates. Please refer to our website for more valuable information and feel free to contact us at any time to learn more! 


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