Tech Won’t Replace Talent

Modern technology has quickly been taking over. In fact, there is now even a generation known for their extreme technical skills and understanding. Many parents of these young and tech-savvy individuals are worried. This technological advancement does, however, have its pros and cons. A question we might ask ourselves is: If there are infinitely copious amounts of free knowledge and education on the internet, will technology ever be able to truly replace talent?

When someone wants to speak to customer service, whether it be through the phone or online, the conversation usually begins with automation. Most of the time, tech can do the job, but many people would rather speak with a human. Machines seem to be lacking the understanding of the nuances associated with the art of human interaction.

Many people worry that rapidly evolving modern technology, such as artificial intelligence, as well as other new innovations, will replace their talent. Human beings are quite resilient and adaptable to evolution, however, making us uniquely talented in ways that machines can never be.

Founder and CEO of Bevov, Sandeep Purwar, often refers to the brilliant analogy of comparing artificial intelligence now, to a tractor in the 1900s. At the time, the tractor was a new piece of technology that created fear at the thought and threat of this new machinery stealing many human jobs. Though it did eliminate many jobs involving manual labor, it also created new jobs and opportunities for evolution. In the end, the tractor was certainly more of a useful innovation than a harmful one.

Although some industries will receive more assistance from technical innovations than others, some won’t need to worry about their jobs being replaced for a while. A great example of this would be the field of marketing. AI may be able to help distribute data across platforms, but creativity is dependent on and stems from the human imagination.

Perhaps the people that should be concerned are the people who already are experiencing machines taking over their jobs. Truck drivers will almost certainly be replaced with driverless cars. Customer service has already been taken over and replaced by automation bots. Robots working in warehouses, such as Amazon’s, have provided tremendous efficiency. McDonald’s has already fully implemented automated cashier kiosks. Even retail jobs are being taken over by self-checkout registers. There are various industries being impacted by technological advancements, but we should not be scared. AI is here, and it is here to help.