Recruitment marketing strategies that your company needs to improve on.

Video text “Are you giving enough reasons for a candidate to consider your job opening?

And are you educating the prospective candidate why they should come work for you instead of Google, Facebook and Apple’s of the world? If not this video is for you.

Let’s go over recruitment marketing strategies to attract quality candidates. Educate, engage and nurture candidates via your company career page and detailed job description.Talk about company culture, teams they will be working with, projects they will be involved and incentives your company offers. It’s essential to have high engagement throughout the hiring process to increase conversion rate. Track what is the conversion rate of candidates who are applying for the job, if you don’t know that, you got some work to do. You may not be able to implement all the recruitment strategies at once, but see if you can pick top 3 strategies, implement and measure them? I would love to learn what is working for you and what is not. Please leave your comments and questions and I will try to answer them.”