Recruitment Automation Tools

Hello everyone! I’m Sandeep Purwar, the Found and CEO of Bevov, and today I’m going to be talking about recruitment automation tools.

Recruiting automation allows companies to automate recruiting tasks and workflows so they can increase recruiters’ productivity. It can be used by companies to increase their competitive advantage in hiring.You can use automation tools to screen thousands of resumes in just a few minutes, instead of spending an average of 23 hours per hire screening candidates.

Our platform Bevov can pick the best match candidates in a fraction of the time. Using interactive and qualification tools like AI bots or assessment tests, provided by Bevov, one can automate the prequalification.Sending emails and setting up interviews can be automated as well through predefined templates and schedules, something Bevov offers as well.

Use automation tools to distribute your jobs and find passive candidates using tools like Hiretual.Tell me more about which AI tools you’re using. What is working, what is not? Leave comments or send an email to