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Job Descriptions 101

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Recruiters and Job Descriptions (what to include)

New hires can dramatically alter the face of a business, making the roles of recruiters and hiring managers extremely important in deciding who to bring on board. But what about the applicant end? Is it possible to control the quality of people who apply to join the organization? Herein lies the job description, effectively the first screening of applicants – even before their resume comes through the door. Here are some of the most critical things to do before posting a job description for an open position:

1. Have conversations with the hiring manager: 

The importance of the relationship between the recruiter and hiring manager is one that cannot be overstated. An integral part of the hiring manager’s job is to provide clarity on specific issues like salary and location. Keeping communication channels open throughout the process will benefit everyone involved: recruiters can reach out and clarify issues in order to avoid potential miscommunication with the candidates. A strong and reliable relationship between recruiters and hiring managers can encourage recruiters to engage with candidates and pitch the job more effectively. Having the right conversations with the hiring manager is crucial for the recruiter to have an in-depth understanding of the open position and what the company is looking for. Additionally, recruiters and hiring managers must agree on a timeline for the hiring process, as time to hire is one of the most contentious issues. 

2. Define skills:

The goal of recruiters is simple: find the most qualified candidates to fill open roles. Nothing is more frustrating than having candidates who clearly lack necessary skills applying for positions they aren’t qualified for. In doing so, they end up wasting valuable recruiter time and effort. This is why it is extremely important that the job description clearly expresses the specific skills required for the job. Be as detailed as possible when listing requirements, such as technical skills, to avoid miscommunication. 

3. Include company and department description:

One of the chief considerations in candidates’ decision to apply for an open job posting is the company and department they would potentially be working for. Company brand and culture have been shown to be important draws into bringing in qualified applicants that would be a good culture fit for the company. You should include detailed information about the company  and department’s background, along with your mission statement, to help candidates better understand the company’s goals and workplace culture. Don’t be afraid to include salary information as well, as being upfront can help prevent delays in salary negotiations down the line.

4. Prioritize diversity statement:

Diversity should be promoted if not celebrated. Candidates are more educated and concerned about diversity than ever, which is why “diversity in the workplace” has come to the forefront in the last couple of years. It is extremely important to include the equal opportunity statement as a part of your job descriptions, as well as highlight it when describing your company culture. Give candidates a clear picture of your company’s values in order to create a strong first impression and incentivize potential candidates to apply.

5. Clarify steps moving forward:

Perhaps the most frustrating issue for applicants is a lack of information on how the hiring process is going to proceed. If applicants are unsure of when the company is going to get back to them or what the next steps are, they may lose interest in your company altogether. Outlining the steps of the hiring process, particularly a timeline or schedule of the process, will improve applicant consideration towards the company and perhaps encourage more potential candidates to apply.

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips will assist you in refining your job descriptions and streamlining the hiring process.

Happy recruiting! Please leave us a comment below.

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