Bevov Talent Discovery

I once heard it said, “Look within, the secret is inside you.” Now, while I’m confident that Chinese patriarch Hui Neng was referring to self-mastery during the Tang Dynasty, there actually exists a parallel to recruiting in the modern age.

Sometimes, your perfect candidate cannot be found through external means. You have to search within, inside your company or internal database. But finding that perfect candidate can seem impossible, especially if your company has a database full of with thousands of previously submitted resumes.

Enter Talent Discovery. As one of Bevov’s newest features, Talent Discovery provides the opportunity to rediscover talent from an existing pool of candidates. You can get access to candidates whose skills, though insufficient for the original position they applied for, could be a perfect fit for the position you’re looking to fill today. Here’s how it works:

    • Access any resumes using candidates first name, last name, email or skill sets
    • Match resumes with the jobs you’ve posted
    • Send bulk emails to all qualified candidates
    • Discover old database to automatically match for new requirements
    • Import up to 10,000 resumes at no cost*

We’re thrilled to roll out Talent Discovery to our Bevov customers. We look forward to your future success using it. Thanks for reading and let us know what features from Bevov you want to see next.

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* Free resume import for paid customers