Inviting the Right People- Culture Fit

Wedding season has arrived, and wedding planners are carrying out similar functions as recruiters. Some tasks are easier than others, but picking who to invite and where to place them can make the job hard.

Many wedding coordinators believe that creating the seating chart is one of the most complicated parts of planning a wedding. Likewise, inviting the right people into a company can be difficult. How do you know if they would be a good fit with the culture of the company?

Many factors go into making the right hire. It is not only about the job fit, but also about the cultural fit.

So what is workplace culture, and why does it matter?

ERC defines workplace culture as, “the character and personality of your organization… what makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.”

When creating the job post, a recruiter should have an idea of the ideal candidate they are looking for. Before the interview, the person hiring should be aware of and fully understand the company’s values. During the interview, there are a couple questions a recruiter should ask themselves:

  • Would the applicant work well in the company’s culture?
  • Does the culture match what the individual needs to best succeed in that work environment?
  • Do they share common values, goals, and interests?

Focus should be put on the culture fit of the applicant after reviewing their qualified skills. After all, the purpose behind the majority of interview questions is to find out how well the prospective employee would fit in. However, candidates must exhibit both the necessary qualifications and the essential fit to work most effectively.

Brian Kropp, a managing director at Corporate Executive Board, told Forbes that “in his studies, he has found that almost half of an employee’s success in the first 18 months on the job can be attributed to how the employee fits in with others in the organization while the rest of their success depends on whether they can do the job.” It is a significant factor in whether employees thrive in their jobs. Employees that fit in with the culture of their workplace succeed the most. This is important to continue utilizing full potential of current employees, as well as the new one.

If the prospective applicant meets all of the standard qualifications for the job position you are hiring for, and seems like a good fit for the company’s culture, they might just be the exact employee you are looking for.