AI is Here to Stay

Like it or not, AI is here to stay. However, it won’t take our jobs just yet. AI has been part of our lives for the past decade but is just now getting visibility because of Alexa, Google home, smart watches, ATMs, and driverless cars in our day-to-day lives and news.

Hello everyone! I’m Sandeep Purwar, the Founder and CEO of Bevov, and today I’m going to be talking about artificial intelligence in recruiting.

Look at AI in recruiting similarly to a tractor on the field during the 1900s as a productivity tool. AI is helping recruiters undo the manual work of short-listing candidates. Look out for AI tools that are not biased in decision-making processes and help bring diverse groups of top candidates to engage with. If the past is a good prediction of the future, then there will be a shift in the roles and responsibilities of sourcers and recruiters. Manual tasks of reaching candidates, asking qualifying questions, screening and shortlisting top candidates, and setting up interviews will be taken over by recruiting platform.

Recruiters in the future will engage with qualified candidates instead of going through the whole life cycle as they currently do use different tools. We use our own AI platform Bevov to automate our recruiting, what AI tools do you use? What do you think about the future of AI in recruiting?

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